Our purpose is to promote and encourage in creative ways the basic core values that enable every human being to flourish: Love, Courage, Gratitude, Kindness, Integrity, Respect, Forgiveness, Optimism, Commitment, Honesty, Patience, Generosity.

12 values, 12 attitudes, 12 decisions that can make the difference every day. Be courageous, let’s make the difference!

Thankfulness brings happiness

Studies and research show that people who express gratitude are happier, generally enjoy better health – both physical and mental, sleep better, suffer less from anxiety and depression, are more satisfied with their lives and are better inclined toward others.


GIVE it or lose out


Gandhi says: Forgiving is the virtue of the strong. Looking at it from an historically proven perspective, forgiveness is a core requirement for peace.

Forgiveness is not about who offended or hurt us, but about our own lost peace of mind.


Adding value to our relationships


Respect is the capacity to see another person as they are, their true individuality.


Respect is a journey of discovery. Respect means recognizing others’ worth, valuing them.

Even though respect necessarily imposes limits on individual freedom, it enables us to overcome innumerable others. Respect brings all the benefits of a life lived in harmony, of a society that distributes rights and responsibilities fairly where individuals grow and develop together.


Looking beyond, seeing the invisible

Optimism is all about how we see things, how we think and our attitudes. In three words: see, think, act. Optimism is all about hope, trust and having a positive view of the future.


Shoulders back, head held high


Integrity is a symphony between heart, mouth, and hands.

It is consistency between who we are on the inside and what we do on the outside. It contrasts with ambiguity, compromise, hypocrisy - saying one thing but doing another.


The best is yet to come

Few things seem as old-fashioned as patience. Nowadays, patience is like an outdated suit mothballed in the closet because it no longer seems to fit our modern life’s “style”.

We live in an impatient world where speed is seen as modernity and power. Slowness is waste. Impatience seems to belong to successful, busy people - people who really count, while, waiting is for the naïve. Will it be true??


It all comes down to one word


Love is what love does and not what love says.

Millions of poems, songs, novels and philosophical writings have been dedicated to love.


Loving and being loved lends meaning to our lives, it gives us our ‘raison d'être’. Without love, nothing really makes sense.

In short, All you need is love. The Beatles were right!


What’s the point?

Behaving honestly is to value my dignity and honour, regardless of what the majority is doing. Being honest is a choice we mostly make for ourselves rather than for others; it’s knowing that the decision we’re making may not change the world, but it will help us not to be changed by the world. 


Keep on keeping on


The concept of commitment develops in three successive stages: Action, Persistence and Resistance.

Commitment fights laziness and procrastination. It’s an anthem to working hard, “little by little” and “step by step”. It’s about not throwing in the towel when the going gets tough.


It’s contagious


Courage is multi-faceted...it can be the courage of someone who fights for their dreams, or the silent courage in life's daily actions, the courage of someone who wants to start over, the courage to bounce back, to try again, to do the right thing whatever it costs. 

When can’t we allow ourselves not to take risks?


Makes the world a more beautiful place


Kindness shows others who we are without even saying one word. It creates a positive atmosphere, quickly dissolves hostility and animosity and is often accompanied by that special gift – a smile.


There’s more joy in giving than receiving


It’s about sharing and having a heart, not money that leads to generosity. When we dedicate ourselves to others we discover the power of generosity on our health, happiness and longevity.


"Nothing of worth or weight can be achieved with half a mind, with a faint heart and with lame endeavor."

- Isaac Barrow